I know I haven’t posted here in ages, I’ve been busy with the boudoir side of things (you can see what I’m up to here).   In December we started working on a new boudoir studio space in Southwest Charlotte, it has 800 square feet of studio space with gorgeous window light and a separate Makeup & Meeting Room.  With this beautiful new studio I will be offering very limited beauty and headshot sessions. Like all my sessions they will include professional hair & makeup styling, wardrobe & posing guidance and collections or a la carte to choose from. Don’t forget you can also mix a boudoir & beauty session or a headshot & beauty session to get more looks without having to book 2 separate sessions.  Look for all new collections and pricing coming soon!

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In the meantime, here’s a quick video of the new studio space! We are located in the Steele Creek/Lake Wylie area.  While we encourage all our clients to do their own lingerie shopping they can borrow one of our 300+ lingerie items for their session as well.  Once the makeup room is complete (waiting on curtains and a chandelier to arrive!) I will do another video!


Just a quick tour of the new space! Ready to shoot some gorgeous ladies this weekend! #charlotteboudoir #lindsaywynneboudoir #clt

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Why Boudoir? It inevitably happens when I’m at a networking event or meeting someone new for the first time. When I say I’m a boudoir photographer I get funny looks, arched eyebrows and “You do WHAT? What’s that?” and once I explain what boudoir is I always get either A. “I could never do that, I’d be too shy” or “Maybe when I lose 5-10 lbs”.

Ladies. Let’s face it. You’ve been trying to lose that same 5 lbs for years. The time to do a boudoir session is now! Someday might never happen. The mark of a talented boudoir photographer is that we know how to pose you so it looks like you already lost those 5-10 lbs. We can make your legs look longer and leaner, your stomach flatter and your boobs bigger. It’s all about posing, lighting & the right lingerie. I’ve spent years educating myself on lighting and posing so I can make you look your absolute best in your boudoir photos.

And as for you being too shy? I’ll admit, getting down to your skivvies in front of someone you’ve met once for an hour is incredibly intimidating. It’s nervewracking. I get it. I’d be worried if you weren’t a ball of nerves. My job is to make you feel comfortable, safe and feel like you can express yourself and your sexiness during your session. The first 15-30 minutes of any shoot, boudoir or otherwise, is always the client getting comfortable in front of the camera. It’s the same for headshot sessions. Oddly enough, even my shyest boudoir clients are more comfortable in front of the camera than some of my headshot clients! I walk you through the entire session, I will pose you down to your fingertips if I need to. I will make an idiot of myself during the session (I am a total klutz, don’t be surprised if I go ass over tea kettle over an ottoman during your session!) you’ll laugh at me, I’ll laugh at you, we’ll laugh together and you will get to a point where you feel relaxed and comfortable and we will create some amazing images together.

The biggest boudoir myth is that it’s only for new brides and Valentine’s Day. Honestly, the women who get the most of out of the boudoir session are the ones who are doing it for themselves. You don’t have to be married, engaged or even dating anyone to have a boudoir session! The boudoir session is really and truly all about you & how I can help you reconnect with yourself, gain confidence and feel amazing.

Top 5 Reasons to do a boudoir session

1. Confidence Booster!
You spend all of your time working, taking care of your kids & your husband and you very rarely do anything just for you. A boudoir session is a chance to shed the yoga pants and enjoy something just for you! Get pampered by our hair and makeup artists & you’ll feel like a million bucks in your gorgeous lingerie. You’ll leave your session with a big boost of confidence and a new inner strength knowing you rocked your session & that you still got it!



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2. Big life change
Maybe you’re getting married, just got divorced, turned 40, lost 50 lbs, whatever change or transition has happened in your life a boudoir session is an excellent time to reconnect with yourself and celebrate you and all your awesomeness! Forget chopping all your hair off after a break up or divorce, create a scorching boudoir session so you can celebrate what he’s missing!




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3. Celebrating a birthday or anniversary 

Whether it’s your birthday or his, a boudoir session and Little Black Book make an wonderful gift and it’s a great way to remind him why he married such a wonderful woman. (remember, paper is the 1st anniversary!) And you can wear all the beautiful lingerie you bought for your session when you give him the gift!




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4. It’s empowering
Boudoir really does change lives! It’s an empowering, freeing and intimate experience. Let me be your therapist for a few hours and express yourself in your photographs. You will not be the same after your session!




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5. You will look amazing
Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a few hours in the middle of the day to be pampered and feel gorgeous? Sometimes you just need those couple of hours to refocus, center yourself and remind yourself that you are a kick ass sexy lady! Go all out before your session with a spa day to prepare for your session!




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The first weekend in October Lindsay Wynne Boudoir will be hosting a limited edition hotel boudoir sessions weekend!  This will be the only limited edition sessions I will offer before my holiday cut off date (November 7th).   There will be 4 sessions available from Friday to Sunday morning, including a luxury session Friday evening which includes hair and makeup staying and changing your makeup look.  You have the option to add a 2nd makeup look to each of the other sessions as well.  Can’t figure out what to get him for the holidays?  This is the perfect time to book your session so you can surprise him with a Little Black Book or an acrylic print for your walk in closet!  I’m including access to my extensive lingerie collection, including designer lingerie, for these hotel boudoir sessions which usually is only reserved for our luxury boudoir sessions.  In addition to the incredible pricing for this Hotel Boudoir Session Weekend I’m releasing 2 of the slots for ”Be A Model” Boudoir Sessions, which means that you’ll get a $150 studio credit towards prints, products and digitals in return for a full signed model release.  More money for presents!  If you’ve been thinking about booking a boudoir session for a gift or just for yourself this is a wonderful opportunity.  These sessions will book quickly so don’t delay!


What’s included:

  • Luxury Hotel Suite
  • Professional Hair & Makeup Styling
  • Access To Our Extensive Lingerie Collection
  • Posing & Wardrobe Guidance
  • 2 Hour Boudoir Session
  • In Person Image Reveal


These sessions would normally be over $600 but for this weekend only the session will be $449 for a hotel boudoir session and $499 for a luxury hotel boudoir session.  You save over $150!  $150 non refundable deposit is due immediately, all spaces are first come first serve & they will sell out quickly!


Interested in booking a session?  Please sign up below!

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last Saturday morning I set out in my SUV with 3 friends to explore along the Catawba River in South Carolina.  Our goal was to try and find some places to use for my River Women series & to check out Windy Hill Orchard’s CiderFest.  Unfortunately due to the crazy storms the night before we couldn’t actually shoot in the river (moving too fast to be safe) but we did get to explore different parks and nature preserves!  The rain managed to hold off until we got to the CiderFest when the bottom dropped out.  Luckily by then we were a few cider samples deep and didn’t mind so much!  Very thankful that Matt of Windy Hill Cider let us close down the festival while waiting for the rain to stop (it didn’t!).   We wandered the Catawba Indian Reservation and watched kayakers go swiftly down the river and found many places completely washed out from the torrential rains.


Then Sunday I set out with Elizabeth of EmpowerMUSE west of Charlotte to explore different areas to photograph the River Women Series.   We were driving down a random rural country road when Elizabeth shouts “I think I just saw a plane in the woods!”.  I totally didn’t believe her and tried to tell her it was probably an airstream.  Needless to say I turned the car around and sure enough, there was a plane, or part of one in the woods.  There was even a nice little sign pointing us to a website for more details about the plane, a decommissioned military Locheed Continental.  It had flown it’s last mission in the early 80s.  Now some guy owned what was left of it (part of it burnt in a fire in a SC Museum) and kept it on his property in rural NC.    We continued our wandering and discovered The Laboratory Mill in Lincolnton and a rail trail next to it.  So neat!  You can walk way into the river before the dam for the mill.  I can’t wait to start shooting the River Women Series!  We found some amazing and interesting locations that will all lend themselves to very different portraits.


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